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  • 出國指南

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     Practical English Enchiridion for Going Abroad 


    四川外聯經濟合作有限責任公司   編印


      目 錄

    Chapter01  辦理登機手續(Check in) 

    Chapter02  安全檢查(Security Check)

    Chapter03  準備登機(Boarding)

    Chapter04  在飛機上(Flying in the Sky)

    Chapter05  轉機(Transit)

    Chapter06  辦理入境手續(Immigration)

    Chapter07  領取托運行李(Claim the Luggage)

    Chapter08  通過海關(At the Customs)

    Chapter09  接機(Meeting at the Airport)

    Chapter10  購物(Shopping)

    Chapter11  問路與指路(Asking & Giving Directions)

    Chapter12  道別與祝福(Parting and Blessing)

    附件: 01、常用生活英語 





    辦理登機手續(Check in)


    Is this the right counter to check in for this flight?


    What is the check-in time?


    How many pieces of hand luggage do you have?


    You’ll have to check your bag.


    Thank you. Would you please put all your luggage on the scale?


    We’ll look after your baggage through to your destination.


    Stick these baggage tags to each piece of your baggage.



    登機手續辦理 check-in

    護照 passport

    航班號 FLT No.(Flight Number)

    經濟艙 economy class

    隨身行李 carry-on bags

    過磅 on the scale

    托運行李 check bag

    行李托運牌 claim tag

    行李簽 baggage tags



    安全檢查(Security Check)



    Ladies and gentlemen,please form a line and go through the gate one by one.


    Please put your luggage onto the belt.Thanks.


    Excuse me,please take off your shoes and take your personal things out of your pockets.



    Excuse me,but do you still have any metal objects on you?


    Please stand here, on the platform.


    Please turn around.


    Please open this bag.


    Could you take it out?



    Excuse me,but is this your bag?Please open it and I will check it.


    Would you please open it yourself?


    Sorry,but we will have to open it for a further check.


    Sorry,it is not permitted to be taken on board according to the new regulations.


    Do you carry any spirits or tobacco?


    OK.You can go with your bag.Thank you very much.


    That’s OK. You may go.See you.



    安檢大廳 security-check hall

    脫掉/取消 take off

    口袋 pocket

    金屬 metal

    香煙 cigarette

    烈酒 spirit

    手機 mobile

    計算器 calculator




    Tell me the gate number,please.


    Where is gate ten?


    What time should I be at the departure gate?



    侯機室 departure lounge/waiting room

    登機牌 boarding pass

    登機口 departure gate

    登機門號碼 gate number

    1-30號登機口 gate 1-30

    登機 boarding

    起飛時間 departure time


    在飛機上(Flying in the Sky)


    Have you ever felt airsick?


    Fasten seat belt.


    Can I have a glass of water,please?


    Just water will be fine.


    Mineral water, orange juice,coconut milk……


    One mineral water,please.


    Could I have a blanket?




    Stewardess:Ladies and Gentlemen!It is about time to arrive in Luanda. Here are a couple of forms for you to fill out.


    Passenger:What forms must we fill out,miss?


    Stewardess:They are E/D Card and Customs Declaration Card.


    Passenger:What is E/D Card?


    Stewardess:ItistheEmbarkations/Disembarkation Card. All passengers must complete this form.


    Passenger:Thank you for telling me so much.Could you please help me to fill out the two forms?


    Stewardess:Sure. I’ll be back as soon as I give out these forms.



    1、機上主要標識牌(Notice Sign in the Plane)




    2、常用詞匯(Common Vocabulary)

    座位上方的行李柜 overhead bin

    毯子 blanket

    氧氣面罩 oxygen mask

    飛機上座位燈 seat light

    暈機 airsick         安全帶 seat belt

    空中小姐 stewardess

    男空乘員 steward


    轉 機(Transit)


    How can I make my connection?


    Where can I get aboarding pass?


    沿著中轉Transfers或中轉乘客Transfer passengers 指標牌方向前進,就能找到中轉處,在中轉處換取下段航班的登機牌。

    I’m just passing through.


    Excuse me. I think I’m at the wrong gate.Can you direct me to Gate No.3?I’m a transit.


    Please go to the transit corner on the second floor to go through the connection formalities.


    I’m a transit passenger for Flight ET907.

    Could you tell me where it leaves from?


    Oh,this flight?It’ll leave from Gate No.5.


    Excuse me,I’m in transit to Luanda. How can I get to the connecting flight counter of Delta Airlines?


    It’s over there,near the gate.


    Transit passengers can wait in the transit lounge.


    Here is your claim tag and your boarding pass.




    過境簽證  transit visa

    轉機卡 transit card

    中轉柜臺 transfer correspondence


    國際機場 international airport

    國際航班出發 international departures

    國際航班到達 international arrivals

    國際候機樓 international terminal

    出口 exit/way out

    入口 in/enter

    出境 departures

    抵達 arrivals

    中轉 transfers

    中轉乘客 transfer passengers





    May I see your passport, please?

    Here is my passport /Here it is.

    What's the purpose of your visit?
    Business.( Employment,Sightseeing)

    Let me check your visa.


    Do you have a return ticket to China?

    Yes, here it is.

    How long will you stay in Kenya?

    I plan to stay for about 10 days.


    How much money do you have with you?

    I have 800 US Dollars.


    Good. Have a nice stay in Kenya.

    I'm just passing through.


    I am leaving for Asmara tonight.



    出境卡embarkation card

    入境卡landing card

    移民局(邊防檢查) immigration

    姓 family name  名 First (Given) Name

    出生日期 date of Birth  年 year  月 month

    性別 sex  男 male  女 female
    偕行人數 accompanying number
    職業 occupation 工程師 engineer

    技術員 technician 辦事員 clerk

    國籍 nationality  護照號 passport No.

    原住地國家 country of Origin

    登機(出發)城市 city where you boarded
    前往目的地國家 destination country
    前往國家的住址 address while in
    街道及門牌號 number and street   

    逗留時間 duration of stay

    簽證簽發地 city where visa was issued
    簽發日期 date issue

    簽證種類 visa type(class)
    簽證失效日期 visa expiry date ( 或 before)

    簽名 signature

    官方填寫 official use only

    Chapter 7

    領取托運行李(Claim the Luggage)


    Loudspeaker:Attention please,those who have just arrived on  ET907,please pick up your luggage at the No.4 Baggage Poll.


    Oh. My suitcase is on the carrousel.Let me get it down.


    Where can I go to get my luggage?


    Traveler:Excuse me is this the baggage claim area from ET907?


    My luggage is damaged.


    My luggage is missing



    注意 attention

    行李牌 luggage tag

    行李領取單 claim tag

    行李領取處 baggage claim area

    取行李 pick up

    通信系統屏幕 screen of the intercom system

    手推車 baggage cart

    旋轉式傳送帶 carrousel

    受損的 damaged

    丟失的 missing


    通過海關(At the Customs)


    Why do you come to Angola


    I’m here on (business).


    I will stay in this country for a week


    Anything to declare?


    I have nothing to declare.


    There are all my personal effects.


    I carry only my personal effects.


    Please examine my baggage.


    Next one,please.


    May I see your ticket,passport and health certificate,please?


    Here you are.


    Here’s my ticket, passport and the entry card.


    Thank you. Have you got anything to declare?


    Have you got any US dollars?


    How much?


    Is it in cash or check?




    You’re through now.


    Customs formalities are over.



    海關 customs

    海關申報單 customs declaration form

    需要報關 goods to declare

    不需要報關 nothing to declare

    填寫 fill out/fill in

    個人用品 personal effects

    現金(cash)、手表、攝影機(movie camera)、香煙(cigarette)、酒(alcohol)等。

    檢疫證明 vaccination certificate

    黃皮書/國際預防接種證明書 yellow card/international vaccination certification


    接 機(Meeting at the Airport)


    Thanks for coming to meet me.


    Did you have a pleasant flight?


    Yes,I did


    Excuse me,but are you Mr. Chen?


    Yes,I am David Chen.


    My name is Lin fang. I am the secretary of Mr. Smith.


    Glad to meet you.


    Me too. Did you have a nice flight?


    Yes, the service was very good.


    I am glad to hear that! Our car is out in the parking lot. Shall we go.


    Yes, thank you very much.


    You are welcome. This way, please.



    出境大廳出境 departures hall

    出口 exit/way out

    停車場 parking lot


    購 物(Shopping)


    May I help you?


    Yes. Could  you show me this,please?


    Ah…does anyone speak Chinese?


    How much is it altogether?


    It’s too expensive!


    Can you come down a bit?


    Give me a discount, please.


    Would you please give me a receipt?


    Sure, Please pay the cashier.


    I can not make change.



    貴 expensive

    退款 refund

    零錢 change

    餐廳和酒吧 restaurant and bar

    咖啡館 coffee shop

    免稅商店 duty-free shop

    超市 supermarket

    售貨員 shop assistant

    收款處 cashier

    免稅商品 duty-free item




    問路與指路(Asking & Giving Directions)


    I’ve lost my way.


    Go straight.


    You can’t miss it.


    Excuse me, sir. Where is men’s room located?





    道別與祝福(Parting and Blessing)


    How are you? 你好!

    Goodbye! 再見。

    Take care. 保重。

    Thank you! 謝謝!

    Good luck


    All the best.


    Have a good journey.


    I will see myself out, please!


    Hppy New Year!





    Not so bad 不錯。

    Welcome! 歡迎!

    I got your back! 放心!

    What? 干嘛?

    Enough! 夠了!

    How are you? 你好!

    Thank you! 謝謝!

    Try your best! 加油!

    Help yourself! / Do as you please! 請便!

    Forget it!算了!

    Drop it!停止!

    I approve!贊成!

    That’s great!真棒!

    Stand up. 請起。

    Sit down. 坐下。


    Don’t rush me!別催我!

    Don’t worry about it! 別擔心!

    Don’t forget it. 別忘了!

    It doesn’t work. 不管用。

    You’re welcome.不客氣。

    Don’t touch it! 不許碰!

    Come on! 得了吧

    Get it? 懂了嗎?

    I am sorry! 對不起!

    Good job!/ Well done!干得好!

    Don’t flatter me. 過獎了。
    What a pity! 好可惜!

    Hard to say. 很難說。

    Watch me!看好了!

    No problem. 沒問題。

    Easy does it. 慢慢來。

    What’s up?  你好嗎?

    You’re so great! 你真行!

    I promise. 我保證。

    I don’t care! 我不管!

    Don’t be late. 別遲到。

    Whatever. 無所謂。

    See you tomorrow. 明天見。

    It is urgent. 有急事。

    Hurry up.  請快點。

    It’s easy for me!這簡單!

    That’s terrible!真可怕!

    That’s all right! 沒關系!


    Wait a minute,please! 請等一下!

    Pardon me please! 請原諒我!

    Be quiet! 安靜一點!

    Don’t take ill of me. 別生我氣。


    Long time no see. 好久不見。

    give me a look. 借看一下。

    Hurry up! 快一點!

    Is it too late? 來得及嗎?

    So-so 馬馬虎虎。

    Day and night 沒日沒夜。

    What do you think? 你覺得呢

    Let’s hear it. 說來聽聽。

    That’s too much! 太過分了!

    I’m not going. 我不去了。

    I need it badly. 我急著要。

    I did the best I could! 我盡力了!

    I’m going to go. 我這就去。

    Hope so. 希望如此。

    Take it easy! 想開點吧!

    Don’t be angry! 不要生氣!

    Anything urgent? 有急事嗎?

    Say it again. 再說一次。

    Good luck! 祝你好運!

    What’s up,buddy? 怎么啦,哥們?


    Never mind. 別放在心上。

    Don’t let me down. 別讓我失望。

    See you later! 到時候見啦!

    Can I go now? 可以走了嗎?

    Talk about it tomorrow! 明天再說吧!。

    Are you mad at me? 你生我氣啦?

    You are welcome. 你太客氣了。

    You think too much. 你想太多了。

    Can you do it? 你行不行???

    Do you have an opinion? 你有意見嗎?

    God works. 上帝的安排。

    I’m afraid I can’t.  我恐怕不能。

    I agree. / I think so too. 我也這么想。

    Better luck next time! 下次好運吧!

    How much is it all together? 一共多少錢?


    Don’t be a stranger! 別這么見外嘛!

    Use your head! 動一下腦筋吧!

    Don’t be so sure. 話別說得太滿。

    How’s your day? 今天過得怎樣?

    What do you want? 你到底想怎樣?

    Can you dig it? 你搞明白了嗎?

    Are you finished? 請問您做完了嗎?

    Just listen to me. 聽我的準沒錯。

    Why didn’t you say so? 為什么不早說?

    I didn’t do it on purpose. 我不是故意的。

    I changed my mind. 我改變主意了。

    There’s no need. 我看沒這必要。

    I don’t think so. 我可不這么想。

    How could you do this? 怎么可以這樣?

    How do you say this? 這個字怎么念?

    Good idea! 真是個好主意!

    Stealing is Forbidden. 禁止偷東西。

    I want to see the doctor. 我想看醫生。

    I am not comfortable. 我身體不舒服。

    I have a pain here. 我這里痛。

    I have a fever. 我發燒。

    I have a headache. 我頭痛。

    I've got stomach-ache. 我肚子痛。

    I have loose bowels. 我拉肚子。




    工程 project               項目 project

    老板 boss                  經理 manager

    業主 owner                 監理 supervisor

    工程師 engineer            技術員 technician

    班長 foreman               組長 leadman

    工人 worker                司機 driver

    廚師 cook                  皮卡車 pickup

    大卡車 autotruck           翻斗車 tip lorry

    壓路機 road roller         挖掘機 excavator

    裝載機 loader              推土機 dozer

    旋挖鉆機 rotary drilling rig 吊車 crane       

    銑刨機 milling machine     平地機 grader       

    攤鋪機 paver               拌和樓 mixing plant

    攪拌站 mixing plant        起重機 Jack

    稀漿封層車 slurry seal paver

    瀝青灑布車 asphalt distributor

    同步碎石封層車 chip sealer

    水泥罐車 cement tanker    碎石機 rock breaker      

    灑水車 watering cart      電路 circuit            

    變速箱 gearbox            離合器 clutch                 

    工具 tools                扳手 wrench             

    鋸子 saw                  剪子 scissors

    電鋸 electrie saw         水管 hose

    錘子 hammer               手斧 adz

    鉗子 forceps              螺絲刀 screwdriver

    鐵鍬 shovel               抹布 Rag

    掃帚 broom                手推車 hand cart

    絞刀 reamer               螺帽 screw cap

    螺釘 screw                銑刀 milling cutter

    刷子 brush                切割機 cutter

    刨子 plant                砂紙 sand paper

    鉆槍 drill                齒輪 gear

    主軸 spindle              主軸箱 headstock         

    車刀 lathe tool           車床 lathe

    磨床 grinder              鉗工 locksmith

    液壓 hydraulic pressure   液壓泵 hydraulic pump

    閥門 valve                螺紋 thread

    螺旋 helix                彈簧 spring

    制動器 arrester brake     皮帶 strap           

    擋板 orifice plate        套筒 sleeve

    電動機 electromotor       發電機 dynamo

    汽缸 cylinder             滾齒 hobbing

    絲杠 screw rod            導軌 lead rail

    車架 automotive chassis   組件 subassembly         

    底盤 underpan             懸架 suspension

    轉向器 redirector         變速器 speed change     

    墊片 spacer               砂輪 grinding wheel

    桶 bucket                 油桶 oil can

    路 road                   路基 roadbed

    路面 pavement             基層 basic level

    底基層 subbase course     墊層 cushion coat

    橋梁 bridge               橋面 deck

    橋孔 aperture of bridge   橋墩 pier

    瀝青 asphalt              碎石 gravel

    石灰 lime                 土 soil

    沙 sand                   石頭 stone

    水 water                  水泥 cement

    混凝土 concrete           鋼筋 reinforcing steel

    木 wood                   磚 brick

    膠 glue                   灰漿 asphalt mortar

    汽油 gas                  柴油 diesel

    玻璃 glass                板子 lath

    管子 pipe                 涂料 dope

    門 door                   窗 window

    屋頂 roof                 墻 wall

    地面 floor                瓦 tile

    樓梯 stair                頂棚 ceiling

    龍骨 keel                 鋁合金 ardal

    塑料 plastics             隔斷 cut off

    基礎 base                 開工 begin work

    竣工 complete             營地 encampment

    料場 stock ground          停車場 parking lot

    宿舍 dormitory             工作現場 The job site

    零 zero                    一 one

    二 two                     三 three

    四 four                    五 five

    六 six                     七 seven

    八 eight                   九 nine

    十 ten                     二十 twenty

    黑色 black                 白色 white

    黃色 yellow                紅色 red

    綠色 green                 橘黃色 orange

    蘭色 blue                  灰色 grey

    褐色 brown                 粉色 pink


    摩擦 friction              拉伸 pulling

    壓縮 hitting               剪切 shear

    扭轉 twist                 焊 weld

    裝配 assembling            鑄造 found

    加工 machining             擰緊 screw down

    擰松 screw off             放下 put down

    開挖 excavation            壓實 compaction

    拆開 take apart            裝上 load

    開 open it                 關 close it

    鋪 bunk                    搬 carry

    運 transport               敲 rap

    墊 interlay                蓋 lip

    升 rise                    降 fall

    拉 pull                    推 push

    提 carry                   夾 pinch

    抹 float                   砌 building

    澆筑 concrete              打樁 piling

    打眼 stiletto              焊接 jointing

    切割 incise                填充 fill

    沖水 flush water           滅火 put out the fire

    爆破 blow up               攪拌stir

    加固 reinforce             轉 turn

    旋 whirl                   鋸 saw

    砍 hew                     磨 polish

    刷 paint                   堆 heaping up

    挑 grading                 搗實 tamping

    加油 fill up petrol        測量 survey

    放樣 loft                  計算 calculate

    發工資 pay off             扣工資 docking


    大 big                     小 small

    多 much                    少 few

    高 tall                    低 low

    長 long                    短 short

    寬 wide                    窄 narrow

    粗 thick                   細 subdivision

    熱 hot                     冷 cold

    方的 square                圓的 round


    準備工作 get ready to work 開始工作 start to work     

    去那里 go there            請過來 come here

    開始 let’s begining       停止 stop here

    出發 set off               回來 come back

    下班 get off work          上班 start to work

    允許 allow                 不允許 not allowed

    請快點下 get off quickly   做這個 do it

    拿這個 take it with you     放到這兒 put it on here

    小心 be careful            注意安全 take care

    請幫助我 please help me    回去 go back

    休息 rest                  吃飯 have a meal

    睡覺 sleep                 起床 get up

    在上面 on top              在下面 below   

    左 left                    右 right

    前面 front                 后面 behind

    拿過來 take it here        拿過去 take it there

    過來 come here             上去 go up

    下來 come down             快點 please hurry up

    慢點 be slowly             車開慢點 slow down

    安全第一 safety first      休息一下take a rest

    延長工作 overtime work     加夜班 night work

    好好干 try to work hard    這樣干 do it like this

    再試試 try it again        躲開 get away

    請出去 get out here        危險 dangerous

    快點做完 finish it quickly 扔掉 throw it away

    放回原處 put it back       移到旁邊 move it aside

    整理工具 arrange the tools 用力 strain  

    盡力做 do you best         這工作急 it’s urgent

    看我怎么做 see how I do the work

    檢查了嗎 did you check     你能做嗎 can you do it

    帶上手套 put on gloves     不要吸煙 no smoking

    帶上安全帶 put on safety belt

    帶上安全帽 put on safety helmet

    不要進去 don’t enter      炸開 blasting

    今天做完 finish it today   修理 repair

    重一點 berat               輕一點 easy               

    對正 aim                   貼上 put it on

    捆起來 bind it together    松開 untie it

    別摸 don’t touch it       轉動 turn it around

    平一點 make it smooth      偏一點 slant a little

    管理好材料 take good care of the materials

    管理好工具 take good care of the tools



    碗 bowl                     杯 cup

    盤,碟 dish                 叉 fork

    玻璃杯 glass                餐巾紙 napkin paper

    刀 knife                    匙 spoon

    食品 food                   肉 meat

    豬肉 pork                   牛肉 beef

    雞 chicken                  雞蛋 egg

    蔬菜 Vegetables             水果 fruit

    糖 sugar                    果醬 jam

    鹽 salt                     紅辣椒 red pepper

    面條 noodles                炒飯 fried rice

    面包 bread                  三明治 sandwich

    蛋糕 cake                   熱狗 hot dog

    漢堡包 hamburger            咖啡 coffee

    可口可樂 Coca-cola          牛奶 milk

    冰淇淋 ice-cream            茶 tea

    蘇打水 soda water           果汁 fruit juice
























    2、“動腦筋”(use your brains)“機敏一點”(being clever):用手指點點自己的太陽穴。






    8、“絕對不行”(absolutely not):掌心向外,兩只手臂在胸前交叉,然后再張開至相距一米左右。

    9、完了(that’s all):兩臂在腰部交叉,然后再向下,向身體兩側伸出。


    11、高興激動(happiness and excitedness):雙手握拳向上舉起,前后頻頻用力搖動。

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